Yasei Mare Music

W E L C O M E !

   My name is Matthew Patrei, and I’m a multi-instrumentalist and professional music teacher.  I play piano, keyboard, rhythm and lead guitar, and bass guitar.  I also love to sing.  I began playing guitar at the age of 13, and I have played a variety of instruments in bands and ensembles.  

   I have a Professional Certificate in Music Studies from Berklee.  I studied music theory, music composition, rhythm and lead guitar, and music production techniques.    

   My music, published under the name “Yasei Mare,” spans genres including rock, pop, RnB, hip hop, and electronic dance music (EDM). I also incorporate improvisational forms rooted in jazz and looping techniques.  

   “Yasei” in Japanese means wild, and “mare” in Italian means ocean. So “Yasei Mare” means wild ocean.  I feel inspired by strong wavy oceans.  For me, oceans are a rad analogy for how life can flow from calmness to wildness.  I compose in ways that express my interior mind-world of feelings and observations.  My creative tools are pianos, synthesizers, electric guitars, voices, lyrics, loop layers, drums, violins and cellos, and basslines.   

   I’ve released four original music projects – Colors of the Synthony (2023), Yasei Mare – EP Two (2023), Yasei Mare – Yasei Mare (2022) , and Six Syllables (2020). In my newest release, Colors of the Synthony, I experiment and compose with electronic forms of music composition.  I use sounds that are common to my sonic signature, but there are a lot more synth flavors using wavetable and LFO’s, as well as rhythmic variations with the arpeggiator, tempo changes, and drum programming. Throughout EP Two and the self-titled Yasei Mare project I compose and express music linked to pop, indie rock, and hip hop.  My first solo project, Six Syllables, reflects and honors my musical roots in indie rock and Americana.

   With my last three projects, I’ve digitally produced music with Ableton Live.  Ableton has allowed me to play with a big collection of sounds in experimental and inspiring ways, while also helping to enhance my compositions through automation and software devices that design and calibrate the sound flow.   

   In addition to composing original music, I teach piano, guitar, bass guitar, and voice at a private music school. I also teach private music lessons in piano, rhythm and lead guitar, bass guitar, and music production softwar. Over the past 8 years I have helped over 200 students play instruments, sing their hearts out, and keep reaching for their musical goals.   

   In addition to teaching, I am available for session work including piano accompaniment, rhythm and lead guitar, bass guitar, and vocals. I enjoy supporting and collaborating with other musicians.

   You can contact me on Instagram @matthewsounds or by email at yaseimare@gmail.com or here on the website.  I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.   

   Thank you for visiting!  I wish you all the love and positive energies of the magical universe.  

   >>  Matthew